Very impressive was Liverpool in League Cup tie against Brighton,and they try to continue in attacking play fluidity by recalling Dirk Kuyt .Both teams are going into this fixture the same record so far in Premier league,having won two, lost two and drawn one
Last season game at Anfield was proved to be Roy Hodgson’s penultimate game,meanwhile Mick McCarthy Wolves manager has admited that he loves being a footballing giant-killer , as for a second successive season his team look to topple Liverpool at Anfield,and also admit that is aware Liverpool are a more potent force now,and there must be a vast improvement on his team’s showing from their match against QPR ,if they gonna stunt Reds again.

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish
“It is good to be back at Anfield and it’s a 3pm kick-off as well which makes it back to the old fashioned days which was always 3pm on a Saturday. Obviously with the advent of television and I think the game has moved on fantastically because of that, there’s that many games played over the weekend at various times. Some are even moved to Monday but we’ve got happy memories of our last game at Anfield which was an excellent performance against Bolton.
If we want to take anything out of this game on Saturday then we’ll have to repeat that level of performance because Wolves came here last year and beat us 1-0. The personnel in both sides will be changed from that day but they will come here with confidence and belief, so it’s going to be a difficult game for us.
There’s a lot of players who have come in and it’s their first season with the club and the support they have had from the fans has been unbelievable, and I think even more so at Tottenham where it was a bit of an adversity for us really. They got behind them and I’m sure that gave everybody a lift because the easiest thing for people to do is jump on top of them. There will be times in the games where some people are better than others but people tend to find it very easy to pick on the ones that haven’t been as good and be more critical than objective.
But I think we are lucky in that our supporters know the importance of the role they play in giving the young ones confidence, and as long as they are seen to be giving what they have to give to the football club then I’ll think they’ll help them on the way. They’ll suffer and accept more readily a mistake as long as somebody is wholehearted about it and I don’t think there’s anybody that’s come in who has not given us a wholehearted performance at any time they have ever walked on to the pitch.
It’s easier to support your football club when you play as well as you did against Bolton but the real support is when you go to Tottenham and you play badly and they are still there, still supportive. We then go to Brighton midweek and it’s sold out. The supporters turned up and they appreciated the effort the players put in, the football that we played and the result that we got. So I think there is a great relationship between players and supporters. I don’t think anybody should be allowed to drive any divisions through there and any part of the football club.
We said it last year and we will say it again; we are much, much stronger if everybody sticks together, and if we’ve done something wrong then we’ll try our best to correct it. We never walked away after the Tottenham game and thought ‘hold on, that didn’t hurt me’. It was sore and it should have been sore and the disappointment should have been there for everybody and it was there. That was quite a pleasing aspect for us as well, so they know that the players are trying their best, will try their best. We never sweep a bad result under the carpet, but similarly we don’t go overboard when we play like we did against Bolton.
We don’t accept that’s it, that’s the season finished. They have set the standard for the level they can play and how they can play at and they want to maintain it. And I’m sure that everybody who is involved with Liverpool enjoyed the Bolton game much more than they did the Tottenham game, and that includes staff, players and everyone else.
So for us it’s really important that we stick together. I think the people have put a trust in us to look after the club for the moment, both managerially, coaching and playing wise. I think they’ve got a fair amount of trust in us and I think they know that there’s no way that we are going to go backwards for a lack of effort. We are going to be fully committed and if they are on our side then that makes it that little bit easier for us as well.
We need to be unified and we need to be collective. We have been since we came in. Don’t let other people drive wedges between us because we don’t want that. We don’t want to undermine the important fact the supporters play and the factors they contribute towards our performances. We need them on our side, we want them on our side and we’ve got to earn the right to get them on our side and we’ll try our best to do that. We are looking forward to the game against Wolves and are determined to do what we have to do and that is to get three points from it.”
Wolverhampton manager Mick McCarthy
“People must know by now that my life doesn’t go up and down like a fiddler’s elbow.”
“All we need to do to get back to the form of two weeks ago is carry on doing what we were doing then in terms of the shape of the team and playing that way, passing the ball and working hard.
“In the other games apart from QPR we’ve played well, keeping the ball, passing it well and winning it back in the right areas.
“Against QPR we didn’t do any of those things but that was just one performance.
“Someone has asked whether too much was made of the QPR performance and I said ‘no’ because we were hopeless.
“We played badly but that was the only poor performance we’ve had in a while.
“And while it disappointed me, that doesn’t make us a bad team or a bad group of players.
“I got the response I expected on Tuesday from the team that went out.
“Players who haven’t been playing – their only opportunity to impress apart from training is playing when their opportunity comes along and each and everyone did that.”
“Adlene played well in a very good team performance.”
“He made the goal for George and then his goal was stunning.
“Adlene is very determined because he has recovered quickly from his setbacks.
“I’d like to find out more about him in terms of him getting a run in the team and holding his place down.
“He has had some opportunities before and not taken them but that part of his game, the explosive part and the shooting and the dribbling – if he can put it all together we will have a very good player.”



Reina:Kelly, Carragher, Coates, Enrique,Kuyt, Adam, Lucas, Downing,Suarez, Carroll
Hennessey:Stearman, Johnson, Berra, Ward,Hunt, O’Hara, Edwards, Henry, Jarvis,Doyle

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