Italian football again is shaking! The coordinated action in cooperation with state prosecutors from Naples, financial police carried out a raid in 41 Italian club, of which 18 clubs are from Serie A.

"Match fixing"

Guardia di Finanza, which in Italy causes awe-inspiring, entered the offices of 41 clubs on Tuesday and seized documents that could confirm the charges of the Prosecutor of Naples, who coordinate these actions, for offenses of conspiracy, money laundering, tax evasion and false invoices. Under investigation are contracts in the triangle between players, agents / managers and clubs.

Raids included 18 of the 20 Italian first division club. Allegedly Bologna and Cagliari are only clubs that police had not visited. Under investigation are also 11 clubs from Serie B, and 12 clubs from the lower leagues. In the investigation will be included at least 12 prosecutors.

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