Well this settles it. Leicester City’s attacking superb duo Vardy and Mahrez led the Foxes to Premier league top, and their good form is not stopping. With this, it’s normal that some big clubs want to cash them in, but Leicester City boss, Claudio Ranieri insist, that there’s no club who would have enough money to buy them.

“Nobody can buy them (Vardy and Mahrez). They don’t have the money to buy them – nobody.”
“We know very well that we played against the champions but we wanted to make a fanatastic performance for our fans because they believe, they dream…they are dreaming. It is good if they continue to dream but for us it was important to make a fanatastic performance with a fantastic spirit – a good spirit, a group breath. A group spirit – and of course tactically I am very satisfied.

“For our fans we are top of the league. For my players we need another five points. Yeah don’t (be) laughing. It is the truth. Five points. I don’t know when we can achieve this five points. You imagine…now there is Everton away, Liverpool away, (Manchester) City at home and Bournemouth – Bournemouth is a fantastic team – at home. There are four matches very very tough. Let me achieve 40 points and then I’ll think about what is the next goal. Until 40 (points) then think only of 40 points.”

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