Heroic farewell of Benfica, Chelsea happily secured semifinal with Barcelona.Chelsea footballers qualified for the semifinals of this year’s Champions League. After 1-0 in Lisbon Luz, at Stamford Bridge they even in the second leg match defeated Benfica. This time it was 2-1..

Interestingly, Chelsea has and the tenth time this season in the Champions League, played in ten games, scored first goal of the match. On this occasion Frank Lampard did it in the 21 minute,scoring from the penalty spot. Lampard fired a strong, low ball into the goalkepeers bottom right corner,and despite Artur Moraes read the side,he remained short.

Tragedian of the game was a Benfica Uruguayan footballer Maxi Pereira. First, in the 20th minute he made made a penalty on Ashley Cole, making his team received the first goal, and he earned a yellow card. Twenty minutes later he carelessly and roughly started to Mikel, and earned a second yellow, leaving teammates in an even more difficult mission.

Despite all this, Benfica from the first to the last minute showed more desire and energy, though more concrete chances, overall, had the domestic players.

And in the sunset of the game, in the 85 minute, Benfica has suddenly come to a draw when the Spaniard Garcia Javi, in front of Cech, with his head shot scored for 1-1. Then the visiting fans got excited and inferior Benfica squeezed hosts to reach another goal which could brought them to the semifinals.

However, they had only one half chances and that was all.

And then, at 92 minute, a flash counter attack. Ronaldo Meireles stole the ball in Chelsea half, ran to the other side, and then with 20-odd meters fiercely fired and scored for the final 2-1.

Chelsea’s next opponent is Barcelona. It will be a reprisal of semifinals in 2009. year.
Highlights : Chelsea – Benfica 2-1 Champions league

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