Footballers of Arsenal are again the best team of North London. In City derby they taken a full advantage of Emmanuel Adebayor red card and with high 5-2 they sink their city rivals from White Hart Line.

Watch Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham Full Match Replay Video

Often rich with goals, controversy and great football, North London derby this time also did not disappoint.
Seven goals, a red card and a handful of occasions are epilogue of the match at the Emirates which the Gunners have won with score 5:2.

Although the final result might not revealed that, Tottenham have entered a lot better in the match and take a lead. Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny was able to stop a shot of Jermain Defoe, but the ball rebounded to Emmanuel Adebayor who in the tenth minute brought an early and well-deserved advantage for the guests.Emmanuel Adebayor little later was sent off and the match has changed a course..

Match Highlights : Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham

Although up to that moment they were not significantly threatened to Hugo Lloris, the players of Arsenal with one play more just seven minutes after Adebayor´s red card equalized to 1-1.Theo Walcott with great cross finds Per Mertesacker who with a great header sent the ball into net.

Match of bitter rivals has turned into a one-way match in which Arsenal in a furious three minutes just before the half time came to a complete turnaround and significant advantage.First Lucas Podolski has scored,and then the French Olivier Giroud also.

In the 60th minute, Arsenal after a nice action came to the fourth goal. Podolski this time assumed the role of an assistant, and the scorer was the Spaniard Cazorla.

With 4-1 result,the Gunners have relaxed a little ,an advantage of it has taken Gareth Bale. Welshman a 20 minutes before the end has found the space for a shot and from the edge of the penalty area has scored for 4-2.

It was, however, all that Tottenham managed to do.The match in the first minute of injury time has concluded Theo Walcott, hitting for 5:2 from the heart of penalty box.

Arsenal with this victory has surpassed Spurs and jumped on the 6th place.

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