Right sideback and a captain of the Croatian national team, Darijo Srna, in the match against Cameroon has reached a speed of 31.98 km / h and became the fastest player at the World Cup in Brazil.

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Although it was originally reported that Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben in a race against Sergio Ramos reached a speed of 37 km / h and thus became the fastest player in history, and also in the World Cup in Brazil, FIFA provided a new information.

Robben against Spain ran “only” 31.3 km / h, so the fastest player in history remains Theo Walcott with the measured ran in September 2013, with a speed of 35.7 km / h.

The fastest player at the World Cup in Brazil became the Croatian national team player, Darijo Srna, who, according to FIFA statistics against Cameroon at one point reached a speed of 32.98 km/h, and let’s mention instead aforementioned Robben was faster and another Croat Ivan Perisic who against Cameroon reached a speed of 31.79 km / h.

Darijo Srna and Ivan Perišić helped Croatia to smash four goals to Cameroon and their their first three points. Watch Highlights

Croatia tracking stats
Screenshot : Fifa
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