Liverpool lost to Chelsea with 2-0, and the Reds manager Brendan Rodgers was not in a much of despair after the defeat that could be crucial in the race for the title of champion of England. This defeat to Liverpool came as commissioned for City, which now have an advantage because the Citiezens have a match and three points less, but also a better goal difference which could decide the new champion.

Watch Liverpool vs Chelsea Match Highlights

“I have to congratulate my players who have really worked hard. Think it’s obvious that we were the better team on the field, despite the defeat. Congratulations to Chelsea, they won,” said Rodgers.

Mou has set a tactic that most of the football lovers dont like. Nine men behind the ball, strong, disciplined .

“We just couldn’t find the breakthrough – there were probably two buses parked today, never mind one,” Rodgers said.

“We have achieved our goal, which is playing in the Champions League next year. The Premier league title is still a reality. We have to recover before the next game, we have to fight and finish the season on the best possible position.”

Chelsea loss doesn’t alter Liverpool improvement – Rodgers

“Jose has got his result today, credit to [Chelsea]. Its the opposite of how we want to play. It’s not difficult to coach, 10 players in the 18-yard box.”

Mourinho hails ‘fantastic’ Chelsea

“The best team won,” he told reporters. “The team that deserved to win won.

“Defensive display? I am confused what the media thinks about defensive displays. When a team defends well you call it defensive.”

Chelsea still have no chance – Mourinho

“Time-wasting? What is that?,” he added. “We never spoke about this when we played lots of matches this season. Now we’re speaking about it.

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