Cristiano Ronaldo after scoring four goals in Real Madrid’s 8-0 win over Malmo in their final UEFA Champions League group game, reflected to his new record and has discussed his relationship with PSG boss Laurent Blanc.

Cristiano Ronaldo (on the record he broke as the competition’s all-time top scorer in a group phase):

“I’m very happy. To beat this record was a very important moment for me, but I think the main point is the team. The team played unbelievably. We scored eight goals, we were so compact, so intense. The most important thing for me is the consciousness of the team in the game.”

Cristiano Ronaldo (asked if he winked at PSG head coach Laurent Blanc while playing against then and if he’s planning to sign for PSG):
“Did I wink? Did you see me wink? No, I did not. There’s something very important for me: when people treat you well – journalists, other players, coaches, presidents – when they treat me well I try to be myself with them. No matter if they are PSG, Manchester, Chelsea presidents, if they’re good to me and they treat me well I’ll always be nice and polite to them. That’s what happened. Laurent Blanc spoke very nicely about me, not only after the last match but several times before that as well, so I went to say hi and thank you, because I admire his work the same way he admires me as a player. It’s that simple. I’ve been with PSG president many times during the Golden Ball awards and he has always treated me very well, so I treat people always the same way they treat me.”

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