Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid forward
“I feel really good, happy, I’m in a club which gives me love, I play all the time, I score every now and then, I couldn’t be happier than this. Playing football is what I love the most, and I play in the best club in the world. I’m happy, of course.”

(On Leo Messi’s penalty against Celta Vigo, where he rolled the ball to Luis Suarez instead of kicking it): “I’ll be clear and short: I know why Leo has done that, and I won’t say more. You can think what you want.”

“In Manchester we won the Champions League, but I did not use to chat with Paul Scholes, (Ryan) Giggs or (Rio) Ferdinand, but we walked on the pitch and we had an amazing team. We talked among ourselves, but the normal talking, ‘good morning’, ‘how are you’, things like that. This means nothing to me, I don’t need to have dinner with (Karim) Benzema or (Gareth) Bale, they don’t have to come have dinner at my place, this is not the most important thing to me, what matters is on the pitch, be teammates, know what we want, how we are playing.”

“Name one player who scored more goals than me in away matches since I have arrived in Spain, name one? There’s none.” (Gets up and leaves)

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