The Portugal international has lost it again, shown his arrogance and criticised his team-mates after this Saturday’s home defeat to Atletico Madrid.

The Los Blancos superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, the latest defeat did not accept very well, to be more concrete Ronaldo slammed his team-mates claiming that they are not good as he is, and that they are the reason why Real Madrid lost the game to Atletico Madrid.

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“It annoys me that people say Cristiano’s performances have dropped and that is why Madrid’s form has dipped,” he said in the mixed zone after the game. “If all of the players were at my level, we would be in first.”

“From what the press says it seems like I am doing sh*t but the numbers and statistics do not lie. They are there.”

“I do not want to belittle anyone but when they are not the best it is difficult to win. I like to play with Karim, Bale and Marcelo.

“I do not mean that Jese, Lucas [Vazquez] and [Mateo] Kovacic are not good, they are very good, but to win a competition you need the best and that has been our main problem this year.

“I don’t know if it was poor preparation in the first half of the season but we’re having a lot of injuries and that hurts us.

“We had more chances and we deserved to win but football is like that.

Surely this will impact the locker-room’s morale and it remains to be seen what the Los Blancos boss, Zidane and captain Sergio Ramos will do regarding Ronaldo’s words..

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  1. It’s no wonder why 99% of people (those 1% are kids and Real Madrid fans) think he’s arrogant and hate him.

  2. cr7 and real need ozil, i cannot believe they sold him. ozil was cr7’s assist machine genius! does anyone know who made that idiotic decision??? whatever, buy ozil back!

  3. Completely agree with Ronaldo, you can’t have losers around you. This is a team game, if half of the team is crap, then obviously your results will be crap. They need new players coz the current squad is aging and the new ones are below average…..Also, they need to buy players that last, Bale got injured so many times, he useless…..

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