Mourinho wanted Josep Guardiola as his assistant, when in 2008 he was on a job interview for the position of Barcelona coach , discovered Marc Ingle, former Vice President of the Catalan club’s secret past, now bitter rivals.

“We had a meeting with Mourinho and his representative in Lisbon. He showed us the power-point presentation of his philosophy of football, so we can improve our distinctive 4-3-3 formation, and the names of people he wishes to cooperate. Among these names was and the name of Josep Guardiola and as his first assistant, “revealed Ingle for Catalan television TV3.


The former vice president also revealed the main reason why he took Guardiola, and not Mournho for the coach.

“Guardiola was the first choice Txikija Begiristain (then-athletic director), and in addition, Mourinho said that he does not intend to change their behavior in public,” concludes Ingle.

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