In Italy’s Serie A after two Saturday matches,this Sunday most matches of the 6th round were played. Great pace of Juventus still follows Napoli.

Napoli this week won an away game in the derby match of this 6th round against Sampdoria 1-0. Sampdoria before this round, was third placed team, but the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani ruled them out. In the 68 minute the Uruguayan was calm and precise from a penalty kick.

In good form got a new league club Pescara. They beaten in Sardinia Cagliari with a 2-1, and came to their second win in a row and seven points in the last three games.

Goals for Pescara scored Terlizzi and joker from the bench Wiess , while for the host at 82 minute Pinilla scored for the final 1-2.

Palermo with a 4-1 at home defeated Chievo, while the absolute hero of the game was Fabrizio Miccoli who scored a hat-trick. Chievo had a chance on result 2-1 when Palermo player Brienza was sent off. But then, in the span of just 100 seconds, Palermo managed to score twice.

The most convincing victory of this round achived quite surprisingly Torino who sunk Atalanta in Bergamo with even 5-1. The host took the lead, but from 62 to 76th minute they Torino scored them – four goals!

Up to three points on Sunday have come Lazio players (win against Siena 2-1) and Bologna (3-0 against Catania, with two goals of Alberto Gilardino).

Highlights : Inter – Fiorentina 2:1 (Milito 17-11m, Cassano 34 / Romulo 40)

Serie A, 6 round results:

Udinese – Genoa 0-0

Sampdoria – Napoli 0-1 (Cavani 68-11m)

Cagliari – Pescara 1-2 (Pinilla 82-11m / Terlizzi 50, Weiss 76)

Atalanta – Torino 1-5 (Denis 28 / Bianchi 38-11m, 76, 62 Gazzi, Stevanovic 66, D’Ambrosio 73)

Palermo – Chievo 4-1 (Miccoli 13, 59, 82, 80 Giorgi / Rigoni 28)

Bologna – Catania 3-0 (19 Guarente, Gilardino 40, 61)

Lazio – Siena 2-1 (Ederson 18, Ledesma 38-11m / Paci 90 +1)

Inter – Fiorentina 2:1 (Milito 17-11m, Cassano 34 / Romulo 40)

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