Manchester City footballer David Silva believes his club can lift the trophy this seasonalready intended for the winner of the Champions League.

City, which is so far in Premier League season, dropped only two points, will try to ensure placement in the second phase of the Champions League on away game at Napoli on Tuesday, and Silva believes that the citizens will not stop there.

“The Champions League is a competition where we want to be and level to which we aspire. Now, when we arrived here, it’s time to enjoy, take advantage of it on best way and show everyone what we can,” Silva said in an interview with the Champions League.

“Last season was the key. We won our first trophy after 35 years (FA Cup) and qualify for the Champions League, winning a place among the best teams in Europe. We have to finish him to top four teams in Premierliga and ensure the Champions League every year. Not enough to do this only once. ”

Asked Can the City to the title in the Champions League, Silva said,

“Why do not I do not know why it would not come into consideration.”

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