Jose Mourinho really is the “Special One”. Chelsea manager irritates opponents and fans with his defensive tactic, and it is known how often he prone to “incidents”.

For example, during a match with Liverpool, Mourinho did not want to return the ball to Flanagan and to Gerrard, meaning he delayed the game, which of course, angered the legendary captain of the Reds, Steven Gerrard.

Watch Liverpool 0-2 Chelsea Match Highlights

Mourinho has “disturbed” the peace and the Liverpool bench, when he went to Brendan Rodgers to “told” him something , and we should point out the scene when he ran to the stand where they were placed Chelsea fans, to celebrate a goal in somewhat crazy way.

It is interesting that Mourinho after the game, as he went down the tunnel, started shouting ” they wanted the clowns”. When asked why does he yelling and whom it was addressed, Mou said:

“I do not know. I Heard someone say something related to the circus,” explained the Portuguese.

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