In the past years, across the globe was everyone thought that America doesn’t care about football, or to them soccer. For a such large population, it was a little surprise, but who could blame them with the USA’s popular sports like American Football (NFL), Major Baseball (MLB) or NBA.

That things do change shows the fact how much they invested in promoting football/soccer. They even brought the German coach Jürgen Klinsmann to help them reach the bigger level at the World Cup in Brazil. The MLS clubs in the last few years started landing popular players from Europe like Arsenal ex-star Thiery Henry, David Beckham and many others to promote this sport.

The USA even won the first game against their old “nemesis” Ghana who defeated them at the last two World Cup’s. It was Clint Dempsey who helped the Americans by scoring the opener in the 1st minute , which was also the 5th most fastest World Cup goal in a history of this competition.

The MLS and Kansas city produced a video showing fans celebrating Dempsey’s opener ..

How much football/soccer emerged in America, probably the Vine video below can tell which shows Tweet volume in the United States before and after the winning goal which Brooks scored.

So , Do you still think that America doesnt care about Football ? Well, things changed, you might think about it again, especially as the first win against Ghana surely will promote soccer in America even further.

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