Striker of the Swedish national football team and the French champion PSG, Zlatan Ibrahimovic became only the second footballer in history of football who managed to score goals during his career in every minute of the match.

Ibrahimovic in a recent friendly match against Estonia scored both goals in a 2-0 win for the Swedish national team, and the second goal he scored in the 24th minute with which he completed an amazing statistic. Those two goals made him
Sweden’s all-time top goalscorer. The current record for Sweden before him was holding Sven Rydell.

Ibrahimovic has scored during his career 369 goals for PSG, Barcelona, ​​AC Milan, Inter, Juventus and Ajax, and interestingly, most of them Ibrahimovic scored in injury time (90+), 25 of them, nine goals he scored in the 64th minute, and seven goals in 62, 72, and 82 minutes.
Besides Ibrahimovic only the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to do the same. Ronaldo for a more than a year missed only a goal in the seventh minute, and that he ‘solved’ in February of this year with a goal against Atletico Bilbaoau.

Watch Ibrahimovic’s cheeky back heel golazo

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