Year 2012. was a full of fantastic and fabulous football stories. Return of Henry to Arsenal, Chelsea´s winning the Champions League and Euro 2012., Messi knocking the 40 years old record of Gerd Muller. Leading by the video, we have selected the most important events that have occurred on the world football scene.

Return of the King

The year we opened with the emotional return of Thierry Henry to Arsenal jersey. Frenchman the 10th January for the second time has made his debut for the Gunners and in the same match scored a winning goal. The atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium was incredible, and the cadres of happy Frenchman who was hugging and kissing fans even today are memorable.

Suarez – Evra: New clash

The biggest scandal of English football in 2011. received a resume in February 2012. year. Specifically, Luis Suarez refused to handle with Evra, who despite a racist abuse in the previous meeting offered to Suarez the hand of reconciliation. As soon as the United players saw what Liverpool´s striker made ​​began shoving.

Liverpool won the Carling Cup

Reds in late February after the lottery of penalties against Reading won the Carling Cup. To Liverpool this was the eighth trophy in the Carling Cup.

Fabrice Muamba

In March this year, a terrible accident occurred. Fabrice Muamba, Bolton player collapsed on the lawn of the White Hart Lane during the match against Tottenham Hotspur. Muamba in 78 minutes was clinically dead, but after two hours, the 23-year old player got back to life.
His recovery took months and Muamba in August announced the end of his career. After his career ended, Muamba in November returned to White Hart Lane and received standing ovations.

Temporary fall of Barcelona and Real Madrid’s incredible dominance

April 2012. will be remembered by the final collapse of Barcelona in the Spanish La Liga. Real Madrid, though, winning the championship confirmed in early May, and it was theirs 32nd league title .

Chelsea in the Champions League final over Barcelona

In late April 2012. Barcelona suffered an awkward defeat. After losing the title in domestic championship,the Catalans were eliminated by Chelsea in the Champions League semi-finals. Barca in both games was much better opponent, but Messi and company were unable to break the English bunker.

Bayern threw out Real Madrid from the Champions League semi-finals

After “severe war” in the La Liga ,Real Madrid has won the Spanish league title, but they remained without “strength” in the Champions League semi-final match against Bayern Munich. Bavarians on the wings of fantasy Neuer after the penalty shot-out went into the finals.

Incredible finish of the Premier league – Man City took title

It was truly the craziest day in the history of the Premier league. Man United in the last round was a new-old champion of England until the last seconds of the match between Man City and QPR ,when Aguero scored a goal not only for a valuable victory, but for the first title after 1968. year. In those last minutes of the match at Etihad we saw why football is beautiful and the most amazing sport.

Champions league finals – Chelsea champion of Europe

“None of the Englishman can survive a tour in Germany, and especially when it comes to the Champions League final to be played in Munich,” sounded the announcements of Munich finals, in which Bayern should take the European title against Chelsea.

However, Drogba, Terry and Lampard did not agree with those predictions and they shocked around 60 000 fans at Bayern’s Allianz Arena. In a new shocking and turbulent finals, players of until then anonymous coach Roberto Di Matteo became the European champions.

Euro 2012. – Spaniards the best team in the history

June and July were reserved for the Euro in Ukraine and Poland. Best European players went in a battle against Spain, but no one managed to break quite possibly the best football team in history. The Italians were demolished in the final 4-0 and have defend the title of European champion from 2008. year.

Miracle at Madejski: Arsenal from 0:4 to 7:5 victory!

Gunners in the second round of the Carling Cup after 37 minutes of the match were trailing 4-0. However, on the wings of wondrous Theo Walcott Arsenal come back and celebrated at the end a victory of 7:5.

Ibrahimovic and Mexes – the most beautiful goals in 2012.

November will be remembered by Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Philippe Mexes. Ibrahimovic scored to England four goals in the 4-2 victory of Sweden.

Ibra, as we wrote, scored three “ordinary” goals, while the fourth was a masterpiece – scissors from about 25 meters from goal. His goal was immediately named for the best in 2012., But Ibrahimovic a strong competition has got only a week later when Mexes in much the same way, scored for Milan against Anderlecht in the Champions League.

Messi surpassed Gerd Muller´s record

Leo Messi in 2012nd has scored a total of 91 goals and so broke the 40 years old record of Gerd Muller. The German in the 1972nd was the scorer of 85 goals.

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