Barcelona is currently the most in-form club in the planet. The have managed to beat Real Madrid 4-0 at Bernabeu, while also defeating Roma 6-1 in Champions League. Given that Barcelona won Champions League last season, I will give you three reasons why Barcelona can win Champions League again this season!

At the moment, Barcelona is simply unstoppable. They can beat just about anyone, and they can beat them easily. There were doubts about the team at the start of the season. Barcelona had a bad patch of results, and when Messi got injured, people were expecting implosion at the club.

There was no implosion at Barcelona, but a series of excellent results. Frankly, absence of Messi wasn’t even noticed.

No team has ever won Champions League consecutively, but this Barcelona team can achieve this feat. The reasons for this are…


Before Messi got injured, everybody was saying that Barcelona can’t play without Messi. That their game plan is based on Messi, and with out him, there is just possession without any goals.

As it turns out, Barcelona is quite strong without Messi. The reason for this are Neymar, and Luis Suarez. This two players have really became key players for this Barcelona team. They have managed to score a combined number of 26 goals. They are also the best goalscorers in Spain (currently). On the other hand, the trio of Benzema, Ronaldo, and Bale have scored a combined number of 18 goals. That’s a huge difference.

Realization that Barcelona can cope without Messi is excellent news for Catalonian club, and a terrible news for everyone else. Before, you could just concentrate on Messi, now you have to concentrate on Neymar, and Suarez as well. This makes Barcelona a prime candidate to win the Champions League again.


Barcelona has had a lot of problems with injuries this season. Messi, Iniesta, Rafinha, Mascherano, Alves, Sergio Roberto,… There has been a lot of injures, but results didn’t falter. Somehow, Barcelona managed to find strength in reserves to be first in La Liga, and in their Champions League group.

This is strange, because Barcelona doesn’t have such a »long bench« like some other clubs. Still, Barcelona youth players helped the club to keep the form, and have shown that they are ready for first team.

Season is still quite long, and ability to get good results despite numerous injures, is an indication of a team that can win the big trophies. This is also an indication that Barcelona can define the odds, and win Champions League again.


There were a lot of questions being raised when Barcelona decided to buy Suarez, and Neymar for a big sum of money. Although money spend on them was unrealistic, they were very good choices.

The chemistry between Suarez, Messi, and Neymar is unbelievable. They can simply »feel« each other on the field. There aren’t many examples of player developing such a good understanding between them. Its excellent if you have two players in your team that can have such an understanding, but having three, its practically a miracle.

Well Barcelona has that miracle in their team, and it is crucial for their success on the field.

Barcelona has had their share of an excellent trios in attack. Like Romario, Michael Laundrup, and Stoichkov, or Messi, Henry, and Eto’o. They were all excellent trios, but against Messi, Neymar, and Suarez they simply look average.

Given that no team has ever won Champions League consecutively, Barcelona can achieve this feat because of the trio of Messi, Suarez, and Neymar.


Barcelona can win another Champions League this season, because they can win games without Messi, they can cope with massive injuries, and because the trio of Messi, Suarez, and Neymar is the best ever.

There are many hurdles to the Champions League finale, and anything can happen, but Barcelona is in the best possible position to win the Champions League again, and break yet another record.

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