Video:Tottenham and Chelsea split points

Premier league:Tottenham 1-1 Chelsea .Its Played last match of the 17th round of English football championship. In the London derby at White Hart Lane Tottenham and Chelsea split the points by playing a 1-1.
Both goals were scored in the first half. The lead took the home Tottenham with Emmnuel Adebayor goal in the 8th minute. Gareth Bale brilliantly broke the left side, and its pass to the middle greatly ollow Togo striker who is ahead of John Terry just planted the foot and scored his ninth goal this season’s Premier League.

For equalization we did didnt have to wait long. Chelsea fought back from a similar action. Didier Drogba on the left side threw to Ashley Cole who with great pass found Daniel Sturridge lwg who was lonely in front of goal. Sturridge so has arrived to his ninth goal this season, and it is interesting that at least a goal or assisted enrolled in six consecutive Premier League encounters.

Tottenham 1-1 Chelsea highlights 22/12/2011 (Premier League)

1-0 8´ Adebayor E.
1-1 23´ Sturridge D.

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