Fifa secretary general, Jerome Valcke has stated that he thinks Luis Suarez must seek for help after he bites his third target, Giorgo Chiellini.

luis suarez bites vs italy

Suarez who has received a nine match international ban and a four month football activity ban needs some psychological help according to several high status football figures. Valcke has condemned Suarez’s actions and released his view-point on the incident.

He states: “It was seen by hundreds of millions of people. It is not what you want your kids, what you want the little (ones) who are playing football around the world, to see at a World Cup.”

“It is not Liverpool who is punished. It is the player who is punished and what he did has not only happened in international games.”

“So the Disciplinary Committee took into consideration the past events and the past behaviour of Luis Suarez and that is why they made their decisions.”

Fifpro, the international footballers union has said Saurez should receive all the support he can get and are trying to protest against Suarez’s four month ban in favour of something shorter.

This is not the first time Suarez has bitten someone, he already has two targets and most recently Ivanovic, in which he had a 10 match ban.

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