With a harsh tackle Liverpool player Charlie Adam in the preliminary match against Tottenham (0-0) stopped Gareth Bale, and the “Spurs” intended to report him to the English Football Association …

In the first half of the match between Liverpool and Tottenham, which was played on Sunday on their U.S. tour, Adam with harsh tackle started On Bale and with only a luck Gareth Bale manage to escape serious injury.

The situation in the middle of the court is reckless and unnecessary step on the opponent’s ankle. Immediately after the match the Welsh national team midfielder, “Reds,” called a coward.

– He is a real coward. What he did has escalate any measure, but some people are obviously not able to help themselves. Maybe it can flatter to you and your opponent to kick you out of the game, but such moves could jeopardize plyeres career. I will not accept his apology because it is not the first time he started on me like this. The same he done when he played for Blackpool against us 2011th year – said Bale.

Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas went a step further,and announced even the possibility of reporting this foul to FA.

– In my opinion it would be human that Adam at least apologize to G.Bale, but we can not force anyone to do so. Since Adam still has not apologize, in the club we seriously think to report him to FA – said the Portuguese coach.


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