FROM CONSEQUENCES of septic shock in a hospital in Sao Paulo, died Brasileiro Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira, or short Socrates – one of the most brilliant players that Brazil has ever had.

During playing career Socrates was true rock-star among soccer players: special, charismatic and elegant. He led Brazilians on World Championship in Spain 1982nd year. Although the Tele Santana team has not won anything, not even the Copa America, they will remain forever remembered as a team with probably the most brilliant players in football history. From a total of 15 goals how much the Brazilians have scored in Spain, 11 were brilliant. Two of them, the USSR and Italy, scored Socrates.

Socrates backheel penalty

He was a master of passing with a fifth. Elegance was his fundamental part of its forte: upright posture, 193 centimeters tall and very mobile for his height, Socrates has won court easily. Socrates had a fantastic kick with both legs and with head, and particularly, avant-garde even for the present time, he shot penalty kicks. He did it as smoothly as possible, from a very wide steps, practically indefensible.

“You have no idea how easy it is to play with Socrates,” he said of Socrates Zico, whom many considered the best player of that generation

Socratesov last appeal for the salvation of Brazilian soccer was :For President of Association bring Zico, and the national coach should be Guardiola


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