Barcelona won by 2-0 at Benfica´s “Stadium of Light” . But their captain Carlos Puyol got injured infront of El Clasico match. Celtic shocked Spartak Moscow in the midst of Moscow(2-3) …

In his 70th match in the Champions League for Barcelona Lionel Messi decided a little to assist. The Argentinian wizard twice was the assistant for his teammates.

First, in the sixth minute he passed through the left side and gave to Sanchez who only had to plant his feet for 1-0, and in the second half of the game he assisted to Cesc Fabregas for the final 2-0.

With a goal in the sixth minutes , Sanchez became the first Barcelona´s player who scored at Benfica´s “Stadium of Light”. It is the third visit of the Catalan club to Luz and in the previous two they failed to score. Sanchez and Fabregas made ​​sure that this series does not continue. Benfica did not have a chance. Barcelona dominated from the first minute.

Match Highlights : Benfica – Barcelona 0-2 (Sanchez 6, Fabregas 55)

Video : Puyol dislocate the elbow

Devoted captain of Barcelona in the 78th minute fell awkwardly. At landing he fell on his shoulder, and turned his hand. It looked awful, and the first reports says that Puyol has dislocate the elbow, according to Marca. It is unlikely that he will play against Real Madrid in El Clasico at the weekend.

Full match video will be added soon

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