Managers jovial after Manchester United’s 3-2 home win over Arsenal in the English Premier League on Sunday (February 28).

Watch Manchester United 3-2 Arsenal Highlights

Louis van Gaal, Manchester United Manager:

“It was great to be in Old Trafford again I think for all the fans – but also the players – and a fantastic result.”

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal Manager:

“Overall the regret is that, with having so much of the ball we conceded three goals and it is difficult away from home to win after that again.

“Look, you will have to ask him the question [of whether van Gaal should have thrown himself to the ground to demonstrate . I do not want to comment on that because afterwards you will say I am a bitter loser. Well I am, in fact but…”

Louis van Gaal, Manchester United Manager:

“I was emotional and it happens not so much. Normally I am sitting on my bench and normally I have a lot of criticism because I am sitting on my bench. Now I am out of my bench and now I have a lot of criticism for doing that. So, no – I have apologised to the referee and the linesman and everything is solved, I hope. I have to control my emotion. This I say also to my players.”

[Journalist: ‘But the fans loved it and applauded you back into your seat.’]

“Yeah okay, but the fans are not always wise.”

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