Everyone loves football, or, everyone should love football. We all know that football is more than a game and that football is not only about fans, goals, coaches, players or tactics. But let´s focus on this last thing for a little – tactic. Inside this element of a game, come attacking and defending. There are many ways to defend your own goal, and by doing it, football players often make a penalty, or receive a yellow or even a red card. Sometimes, these cards are a part of tactic, but sometimes they are something else.

So we made a list of the 10 craziest moments that resulted in these footballers seeing red card.

10. Samuel Inkoom (Dnipro) – Although this is one of the funniest red cards, referee obviously had no sense of humor or tolerance. It was a year 2011, and the match was between Dnipro and Karpaty Lvyiv. Dnipro was leading 2-0 and manager, Juande Ramos , decides to make a substitute. Inkoom was making his way off the pitch in the 62nd minute , when he take off his jersey and receive a second yellow card – Red.

9. Paul Scholes ( Manchester United) – If you want to receive a red card, do it properly. You can stop the goal, or take down Messi, Ronaldo. But if you decide to imitate Diego Maradona and his famous “Hand of God” then do it properly, not so obviously. It was In the match of the UEFA Super Cup, August 2008, between Zenit St Petersburg and Manchester United in Monaco when Scholes received a second yellow card for playing – scoring with a hand. He received the first one in the first half.

8. Preston Edwards (Ebbsfleet United) – Maybe this wasnt the craziest one , but surely was the fastest one. In the first attack of a match, Edwards receives the red card, nn the 5th of February 2011, When his team Ebbsfleet United played Farnborough in the Conference South.

7. Yoav Ziv (Maccabi Tel-Aviv) – A bizarre incident and funny incident, ended with a read card. It was during a Europa League game between Maccabi Tel Aviv and Stoke City.In an Alex Ferguson-esque style , Yoav Ziv, kick of the boot towards an assistant referee.

6. Neymar (Ex Santos) – Players love to celebrate, and that is normal. But when you do celebrate, be sure not put your own mask on a face.

5. Eden Hazard (Chelsea) – Incident which was all over the news, did Hazard really kicked the boy, or the boy was just pretending.Now, really, it doesn’t matter. What does matter , Hazard was sent off because of it. So the lesson here is, be carefull, when you decide to take the ball and throw it back to , as always some kid can ruin your plan.

4. Andre Bikey (Cameroon) – Perhaps, Bikey watched a lot of Rambo movies, perhaps not, nut he decided to go in like a Rambo.So what really happen. In the African Cup of Nations Andre Bikey, who was one of the players of the tournament, during the semi-final against Ghana, got upset after seeing his team-mater on the field, and Ghana medical stuff trying to hurry him up (Ghana was trailing to a goal). Bikey didn’t like what he sees, so he took it upon himself to defend his team-mate so he went in Rambo style.

3. Joey Barton (QPR) – A match between Barton´s two clubs, QPR and Manchester City. The first team need points to stay in the league, while the second one, Manchester City needed to win this game to win their first Premier league title. During the second half Barton got entangled with Carlos Tevez and threw an elbow in the direction of Tevez.What happened after, you can see in video ..

2. Kieron Dyer & Lee Bowyer (Newcastle) – Something you will see really rarely. Two players from the same team, decide to “resolve” their issues, on the pitch among the crowd and tv. Maybe this video would describe the “passion” better than any words here.

1. Zinedine Zidane – Barely anyone didn’t see this. Story which was all over the world. One of the best football players ever, the French, Zinedine Zidane in the World Cup final against Italy decides to make a good story of it, and to put all eyes on him. For a typical provocation from Azzurri defender Marco Materazzi , Zidane reacted with a famous headbutting and he was sent off.

Extra : Enzo Jimenez – so the story is this. Dog invades the pitch, and Jimenez decides to take control in his hands. He picks up dog and throws him at the fence. Pure dog. Jimenenz was sent off.

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