Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp reflects on his side’s 2-1 defeat at home to Crystal Palace in the Premier League.

Juergen Klopp, Liverpool manager
“82 minutes to go? 12 minutes to go? I saw many people leaving the stadium and I turned around. They wanted to be a second alone and then up and go. And watch my team. I felt pretty alone at this moment.”
“We are responsible. We are responsible so that nobody can leave the stadium a minute before the last whistle because everything can happen and that’s what we have to show. We didn’t and so things are like they are.

No – I don’t want to argue whatever. Everything is ok but we can do better. That’s what I said. Tonight and in general.”
“We have to learn that we decide. We decide how strong we are and how good we are. We decide how awake we are and we decide how tired we are. Nobody else. But one of the biggest (things) between this game and Rubin Kazan and the game today was that there was only one thing to talk about – isn’t it too much. isn’t it too much playing tournaments… Once again – I decide if I am tired. Nobody else.”

Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew reflects on his side’s 2-1 Premier League win at Liverpool.

“I thought it was a terrific Premier League game. We made a conscious decision to take the game to Liverpool at the start to see if we could catch them a little bit sleepy as obviously they had a tough game on Thursday. And we got ourselves a goal. And that was our problem really because then we backed off and let Liverpool start to dominate us and for 15 to 20 minutes that wasn’t really the game plan. The half time was important to us and I thought it was a great game in the second half. There was some unbelievable pace on the pitch. Not just from us but from Liverpool (too). It was going end to end. Our ambition was rewarded in the late goal that we got.

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