Liverpool footballers at their Anfield beated Chelsea with a 4-1 in the 37th round of Premier league..

Footballers beat Liverpool at their Anfield Chelsea with a 4-1 in the 37th trial Premiership round.It was the second clash between these clubs in just four days, which was marked with a dominance of Liverpool and his convincing win. However, in a much more important match which these two clubs played on Saturday in the FA Cup in London, Chelsea was better with the 2-1 (Highlights,Full match).

Liverpool has played without their captain Steven Gerrard, while Chelsea played in a “mixed composition”. Reds were much better team and with this win,at least somewhat revenged to Blues for the FA Cup finals.

Liverpool took the lead in the 19th minute, when Suarez on the right side passed Chelsea´s defense, and then almost in the plane of the goal-line kicked the ball which from Essien bounced into the goal. Newcastle is now the only team in the Premiership this season who has not scored an own goal.

In 25th minute, Henderson fled from Chelsea defense, and with ground shot beated insecure Reds goalkeeper Ross Turnbull.

The host already in the 29th minute, took a 3-0 lead. Carroll with his head pass the ball down to Agger, who from the proximity scored also with his head shot.

In 50th minute, Ramires, after a free kick from the right hand deftly and happily pushed the ball into the goal for 3-1. While in the 61th minute, goalkeeper Turnbull made ​​a mistake, who kicked the ball to Shelvey, who hit it for the final score 4-1.

Thus the Reds preserve the tradition that runs from 1962. year, that in each season at least in one game manage to score four goals. They did it the first time in serenity season.
With this Liverpool has still managed to equalize, but not to beat infamous record from the season 1903/04, in which they also scored just 24 goals at home, like this season.

This was only the sixth victory for the Reds at Anfield in the Premiership this season. They won 27 out of 57 possible points. Even in season 1953/54, when they dropped from the Premier league, Liverpool has won seven games at their Anfield.

Chelsea with this defeat has lost and theoretical chancee for the placement in the Champions League next season from Premier league. However,if Blues in the Champions League on 19th May at the Allianz Arena, manage to beat Bayern Munchen,they will secure at least Champions league qualifications.

Premier league,round 37

Highlights : Liverpool – Chelsea 4-1 (Essien ag – 19, Henderson 25, Ager 29, Shelvey 61 / Ramires 50)

1. Manchester City 37 27 5 5 90-27 +63 86

2. Manchester United 37 27 5 5 88-33 +55 86

3. Arsenal 37 20 7 10 71-47 +24 67

4. Tottenham 37 19 9 9 64-41 +23 66

5. Newcastle 37 19 8 10 55-48 +7 65

6. Chelsea 37 17 10 10 63-45 +18 61

7. Everton 37 14 11 12 47-39 +8 53

8. Liverpool 37 14 10 13 47-39 +8 52

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