FOOTBALLERS of Milan celebrated in the first leg of 14th round of Italian Football Championship at until tonight undefeated team on their lawn – Genoa.

The first half ended without goals and without excitement, but the teams, especially football players of Milan, partially amends themselves later in in the match,when we saw two goals, a red card and perhaps miss the year from Robinho.

Milan took the lead in the 56 per minute through Zlatan Ibrahimovic which in the penalty area caused Georgian Kaladze. Match referee Domenico Celi had no choice but to show Georgians a second yellow card and send it to the locker room. Slow motion, showed that most of the fouls Swede nevertheless acted. Ibrahimovic without any problems took a penalty and led his team into the lead.

Shortly afterward, a failure perhaps of the year. Italy’s Alberto Aquilani has stole a ball from careless Dainelli and send it harshly to two meters from the goal line. Brazilian Robinho runs straight on it and sent it a meter above the crossbar. A similar thing he has made last week in the Champions League game against Barcelona.

However, failure did not avenged to Milan, and Antonio Nocerino, after a superb ball potted Kevin Boateng showed Robinho how to score from a few meters from the goal. By the end of the game, Genoa had several opportunities to reduce benefits, but the result didnt changed.

With victory Milan sat on top of Serie A, but with a game more than second-placed Juventus, who currently on Sunday is expected home clash with Cesena.

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