Manuel Pellegrini gave his first press conference as the new coach of Manchester City. Chilean said that every trophy is important to him, and that he will make no difference between the Champions League and the Premier League.

“Manchester City I chose because I think it has a very good team, very good players. I think this team has great fans. With a valuable work we will try to win many trophies.

There is no difference between the Champions League and the Premier League. All trophies are equally essential. I know we won the Premier league in 2012, and we’ll try it again, but I know that the last two times we were bad in the Champions League, “said Pellegrini, who arrived in Manchester from Malaga.

“This is the fifth country in which I work. I think I have a big problem with habituation. We brought two new players because they were my wish. Wth Carlos Tevez I talked a lot, and I think his departure was the best solution for him and the club.

Currently, we have two strikers and we need another one. I think at every position we need to have two quality players, “said Pellegrini and announced an offensive game of “Citizens. ”

“One of the most important things is the way my team plays. I think fans will be pleased with the way we play. I always play attacking and attractive, so we’ll try to play that way in every game.”

In the end, he had a message for fans:

“I know it’s important to be ahead of United’s … And we will be!”

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