When red card goes badly! Unbelievable scenes come from the Turkish amateur league and the Match between Dallıcaspor and Sanayispor.

Mehmet Degirmenci, Sanayispor player, fought for the ball with Kayhan Caracas. First he deliberately tackles Caraca, picks a red card, and then while he was still lying on the pitch he throws a low-kick to his head, on purpose as well.

Caracas has earned nine stitches in his face, but still he continued the match. “I did not want to leave your teammates.

“I continued playing for a while as I was playing in a team that we have established with great efforts,” Karakas said, per the article. “I did not want to leave my friends alone.

“Thank God that kick came near my jaw. If it had hit me directly in the face, it could have broken my nose, made me blind or broken my neck.”

Mehmet Degirmenci, angered by the referee’s rightful red card decision following a deliberate tackle aimed at his opponent’s leg, kicked his opponent right in the face before heading off to the changing rooms.

According to our latest reports, Sanayispor banned Degirmenci and have issued an apology to Karakas for his actions

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