John Terry made ​​a great stupidity in the match with Barcelona. From the back  in the penalty area he struck Sanchez for which he earned a direct red card. Watch the video and see that Terry deserved this red card.

Neither the English media have left no doubt in my mind that Cuneyt Cakir acted properly when he shown the red card.

“What Terry thought?”, Asks the BBC, and Guardian clearly states: “The Chelsea players can not complain much because of the cards. It was a stupid move by the captain who has no reason to hit Sanchez with his knee while the ball was at the other end.

Terry explains red card

“Sanchez was darting in behind me,” he told Sky Sports. “I’ve seen the replay and it does look bad.

“I’m not that type of player to intentionally hurt anyone. I’ve raised my knee, which I maybe shouldn’t have done in hindsight, but hopefully people who know me as a person, as a player… I’m not that type of player.

“I’m disappointed but delighted for the lads. To come here and play the way they did and get the result they did with ten men… I feel I’ve let them down. I’ve apologised to them and I want to apologise to the fans as well.

“At the time, I was bewildered because I was trying to protect myself a little bit, but looking at it on the replay, I’ve no complaints. I’ve let the lads down. They’ve performed brilliantly, so hopefully this doesn’t take it away from the players.

“This is what this football club deserves. We deserve to be in the Champions League final. The boys were excellent and I hope the incident doesn’t take away from how hard they worked.”

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