Crazy ending of the crazy season! With miraculous comeback in the injury -time against QPR ,Manchester City grab the first title after 1968th year..

“Now everyone can clog! City is a big club

With 89 points Manchester United remained without a title and set a record. Since the system of 38 games per season,neither club manage to do so. Roberto Mancini had, after the “thriller” at Etihad, congratulate to Sir Alex Ferguson on one of the more exciting season in England. Title for the third time in history goes into the blue part of Manchester.

City became the first club after Arsenal’s 1989th year, who due to better goal difference became champion of England. Ferguson’s United has collected 89 points, same as the City, but it was not enough for them to defend their title, only to become a team that won the most points in the Premiership, and has not become a champion.

Euphoria “shaken” City captain Vincent Kompany

“This is the best moment in my life! But, I must be honest. I pray that such a scenario like today never happens again. In the second half we just managed to break through the defense of QPR’s. Have I ceased to believe? Never. We have already this season manage to pull such comebacks, so I believe that we can once again ”

The same desire has and Pablo Zabaleta. His opening goal was his first in the season.

“Let’s do it again. I am proud to play for City with these players. Club for fans is everything in the world”

“I do not want to wake up from this dream. Just look at our players and fans … we deserve this”

Mario Balotelli used, clearly, the opportunity for a showdown with the critics:

“This victory proves that we are the best. We had a good season and we deserve the title. As for me, too many people saying bad things about me. Now have to clog! Manchester City is a great club and I cant see my future elsewhere”.

About himself talked and Samir Nasri, who became a champion in his first season at Etihad.

“Faith is the most important thing for a team. If you believe in yourself – you win. We believed until the last minute”

“I know I made ​​the right decision when I come here. It is wonderful and I am overjoyed. I want to celebrate with family and visited our fans. First time in my life I won something like this: we were losing 2-1, came back and scored for the title”.

English media about the first reactions after a crazy finale championship write about the incredible atmosphere on Etihad and the goals of Edin Dzeko and Aguero which probably until the end of life be etched in the memories of those who have seen them live” (BBC).

Highlights : Man. City – QPR 3-2 (Zabaleta 39, Džeko 90+1, Agüero 90+4 / Cisse 48, Mackie 66)

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