In front of the last round matches in group C of this year European championship,which is scheduled for Monday,where are Ireland,Italy,Spain and Croatia,there were lots of tensions,especially from the Italian side,about possible match-fixing-arrangement between Spain and Croatia,in which case Italy will not reach the next stage of the championship,even if they manage to beat Republic of Ireland.

"Match fixing"

Specifically,Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon was pretty loud about this,possibility,remembering that Italy have already fall of on the similar way ,2004 year when Denmark and Sweden played 2-2.Perhaps it is cynically that his words hit the media a lot,knowing that exactly Italy 2006 year,and this 2012 year is under investigation about match-fixing,and in it,G.Buffon himself is found as one of the subject under investigation.

Does those things happened before !?Well, we look trough the history and found 5 matches which were marked as the “fixed ones”.

Match in Spain league B (play-off) which we witnessed two weeks ago, when Celta and Cordoba in their attempt to get in the Primera played 0:0, with 1591 passes, without shot on the goal, corner kicks or a offsides, in club footballs we can found a lot.(More about this match here)

Maybe,even is enough to take a look at the betting odds, say, in Serie A and Serie B, where the draw in the last few rounds are the safest bets.

In the largest competitions, so far, there are five terrible examples, five weird games that have tarnished the beauty and honor of the football game.

The first dates from the World Cup’78. in Argentina,when the host due to bigger goal difference in comparison Brazil were better than Brazil.Argentina won with high 6-0,against Peru who until that match in five matches conceded only 6 goals.

Four years later, in the final match of Group B, West Germany and Austria would passed further if Germans won the match with one or two goal differences. The Germans have “dangerously squeezed” and after ten minutes they score.

– Dear viewers, please turn off your TV – during the second half, handed down the sentence a famous Austrian television commentator Robert Seger, while his colleagues from the German ARD for entire second half in protest – was quite.

One German fan burned a flag and Algerian fans (whose team would past trough,if everything was fine), began in the stands waving with bills. West Germany and Austria, in fact, after the 1-0 led, the next 80 minutes tirelessly and safely were passing the ball around …

At the same competition faked and – Spain! In the last round in groups, Yugoslavia has been a leader and Northern Ireland and Spain played a match where both teams could pass, if the Irish win 1-0. Do you guess or not? Northern Ireland won 1-0, and Spain lightly kicked a competitor … Can the history be repeat repeated?

Spain in December ’83. to secure the placement on the Euro needed a win over Malta by 11 difference, but the halffinished with 3:1. However, the Spanirads in the second half ​​furiously score the needed 9 goals ..

The last case is very fresh, with a 2:2 Scandinavian friends, Denmark and Sweden eliminated Italy from further competition at Euro 2004. First one team took the lead,than the second one,and in the 89 minute of the game until then, great Danish keeper Sorensen made ​​a catastrophic mistake which has resulted in scoring the equalizer by Jonson (2:2).

– This is … the incredible, kick out both teams from the Euro – Italian did not chose the words, but Uefa covered their eyes:

“There is nothing in that match to be appealed,” stood in a statement of the UEFA organization …

Disgraced matches

Argentina – Peru 6:0 (WP 1978).

Spain – Northern Ireland 0:1 (WP 1982).

West Germany – Austria 1:0 (WP 1982).

Spain – Malta 12:1 (qualification for Euro 1984.)

Sweden – Denmark 2-2 (Euro 2004).

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