The Catalans side produced arguably the greatest UEFA Champions League comeback win of all time on Wednesday night in the second leg match vs Paris Saint Germain. The Ligue 1 champions were 4-0 up from the 1st leg match played in Paris, but at the Camp Nou, they played terribly.

However, what internet was talking the most about, after the game, were controversial penalties and calls of the main referee Deniz Aytekin. There is hardly a football fan on the planet that did not discuss Aytekin’s decisions.

For many a game between Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain was the one with a large number of “controversial” situations, in which of course two penalties given to Barcelona, stand out the most, especially the one given in the 90th minute.

Somehow it always seemed as if from one angle look penalties look clear, while from another angle as pure simulation. However, from the Middle East the most detailed recording so far was released, which could give a definitive answer to the question whether Aytekin ‘pushed’ Barca ‘, or everything was fine.

Watch the most controversial moments, in a slow motion with increased focus of contacts and then decide for yourself was all clear or it was one of the most controversial matches of modern football.

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    1. Mascherano did NOT touch Di Maria at all. You might need glasses my friend. Di Maria is a bad actor and he hit the ground on that call before hitting the ball. Mascherano Was far far far away from Di Maria.

        1. I don’t think any player in that caliber would have said it. Do you have a link to a video in where he said it? mascherano would have been stupid if he said it

          1. No, it would be stupid from any player, even if he fouled the player, to say such a stupid comment. Give me a link to a video that confirms your statement. If you can’t, I forgive you :-)
            Nice chatting with you and I hope you have a great day.

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