Reaction from Jurgen Klopp and Slaven Bilic as West Ham see off Liverpool 2-0 on Saturday (January 2nd).

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp
“Today it’s our responsibility. I could say more but my English is not good enough to give you all the information that is going around in me at this moment. But I told the players immediately after the game, ‘summary: not enough.”

“Everybody saw these two moments. We have the set plays, we have the throw in, where they shot at the post, where they hit the post. We had our moments, we played football, we tried to – that’s what we have to do but if you don’t fight, if they – if you fight in these moments not with 100 per cent, with 95 per cent, it’s not enough. Who wants to see 95 per cent? It’s not enough and that’s what we have to do. If you know in the other team there is Andy Carroll, how can you allow crosses?”

West Ham coach Slaven Bilic
“To score two goals, to have a few more chances and to keep a clean sheet and to do it at home, in front of your fans it makes this really big for West Ham and a great way to start the new year so….Of course, probably the two goal scorers will grab the headlines but it was the team who gave them the opportunity to be in the position to be tomorrow morning as the headliners. So it was all about the team, it is always about the team but sometimes it’s another individual debt that becomes like a cherry on a pie but you have a pie and the pie is the team, yes.”

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