Barcelona beat Real Madrid 3-1 at the Bernabeu, having gone behind to a shock Karim Benzema goal after just 23 seconds, and leapfrog their rivals to go top of La Liga on goal difference.Despite early goal,Barcelona show great caracter and bounce back in the game with goal of Alexis Sanchez.Messi start the action and pulled ball to the middle of the pitch and gave deep ball for Sanchez who with powerfull stike shoots and scores for 1-1.

In second half Barcelona show once again why is the best team in world last few years.They act like they loosing,and put more pressure on Real players,take the ball and hide it from Real.They play simple and calm,and for every situtation they know exactly what they have to do.But also,they were fortunate to go ahead. A long shot from Xavi rebounded off the heel of Marcelo and spun past Casillas, dropping in off the far post.

Still after 1-2 Barca keep pulling the pressure on the ball,And even Mourinho substitutes didnt make any difference.Barca stole the middlefield and the ball and done what they do the best,just playing the football, lefted Real to try equal with only counter attack,which wasnt enough.Barcelona scored in 65´ minute for 1-3 and the scorer was Cesc Fabregas.Barca break superbly and with such speed, a great move that ends with Fabregas diving low for his side’s third. 

Until the end of match nothing changed,Real didnt found any way to compete with superb Barcelona,which could score few more goals.
Video:La Liga Real Madrid 1-3 FC Barcelona 10/12/11


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