Derby match of the Spanish Liga BBVA,between the first two placed team,Barcelona and Atletico Madrid which was eagerly waited,as well as the “battle” between one of the worlds best striker Messi vs Falcao went to the Catalans who were better with 4-1.

Both players have marked this match.First on the scene has come the Colombian Falcao,who after missing two chances finally in the 31st minute manage to score.Falcao feld from center to defence of Barca and chipped Valdes,by scoring his 17 goal of the season.

For turnaround we didnt have to wait to much,as already five minutes later Adriano from the right edge box with a brilliant shot equalized to 1-1.

In the last minute Sergio Busquets after one corner kick has scored for the half time final result 2-1.

In the second half Lionel Messi was determined to leave his mark in this match. First, in the 57th ppm with a measured shot from some 16 meters he has scored for 3-1, and in the 87th minute Messi has set the final result , using error Diego Godin.

Against Atletico Messi scored a total of 17 goals in La Liga.This season in domestic competition Messi has already scored 25 goals, and overall, however, in 2012.year Messi has scored 90 goals counting all competitions!

Watch Barcelona 4-1 Atletico Madrid Full Match Replay

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