Barcelona soccer players continue to demonstrate the power and dominance in all world parallels and meridians. Without any problems they won a new title, the World Club Cup.

In the final tournament feature in Yokohama, Barcelona, representing European football, totaly outplayed Brazilian Santos, winner of the South American League (Copa Libertadores).

It was 4-0 for FC Barcelona, which has won her second title of the world’s best teams.
Everything was almost done in the first half when Barcelona achieve three goals. Otherwise, in the opening 45 minutes Barcelona once hit the post, and has created a number of occasions.In the the following they somewhat slowed down her pace and allow unequal conflict to escalate at least a little. But that was not enough for Santos to achieve the goal of honor.

Barcelona in the first part had the ball more than 70 percent. We said, in the opening of second half they slow pace, but it also re-erected in the final. First, once again shook the post of Santos goal, and then Messi in the 83 th minute show once again all his talent. Deceive goalkeeper Raphael and scored for the final 4-0. The first goal of the match Messi also scored after a brilliant Xavi assists. The second goal of the match scored Xavi, Fabregas third, when practically, Catalans entertain in the Brazilian penalty area.

The young world star, Neymar from Santos, was announced this match for months, but when finally began duel with Barcelona’s Brazilian football player lost his “words”. He was lost on the lawn, and if we ignore some dribbling practically did not show anything in the game. In fact, as a whole nor Santos.

Messi achive new record,he score in all 6 competitions.
Watch full match : Barcelona vs Santos
Video: Barcelona – Santos 4-0 (Messi 17, 83, Xavi 24, Fabregas 45)

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