Video:Stoke broke Spurs unbeaten record

STOKE CITY in the 15th Premiership round with 2-1 at home beat Tottenham, but the match was marked by miscalculation referee Chris Foya at the expense of the visiting players.

In the second match on Sunday 15th Premiership round on their Britannia Stadium Stoke City with an excellent game in the first half came to the leadership of 2-0 as it is shown later, that was enough to end a long series of invincibility Spurs 11 games. However, guests will surely have many objections to a number of referee Chris Foy “calls” which undoubtedly in the last half hour on several occasions damaged the team of Harry Redknapp.

In the first 45 minutes of the first name of the game was a double goalscorer Etherington who in the 13th and 43 minutes provide a great advantage for Stoke. However, after that the game is entirely dominated by Tottenham.

In 62nd minute Whelan sweept Modric inside the penalty area and referee Foy pointed to the white dot. Sure performer was Adebayor, and after reduction of leadership Tottenham went on equivalence, and that´s when referee come to the scene,and on several occasions make bad calls and damage Spurs.Until the end of the match the result was not changed.

Video:Stoke City – Tottenham 2:1 (Etherington 13, 43 / Adebayor 62-11m)

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