“Being a Gunner is not an easy job. You will have to endure taunts of rivals about having a barren trophy cabinet, even though Arsenal has not won a trophy for eight years. You will have to see your beloved captains and star player leave for greener pastures and win trophies at their new clubs after kissing the Arsenal badge and pledging loyalty to the club. You will have to see dismal performances against your rivals (well except Tottenham) who Arsenal ends up losing to every time. You will have to witness transfer periods linking you to various quality players and you always end up buying youngsters and players whose name who have never heard of. Looks like it’s no use of being a Gunner.”

This is a predetermined notion other rivals possess when they look at reasons to be a Gunner. True, being a Gunner is very hard and if you do not love something truly and don’t have patience then Arsenal is not a club for you. But Arsenal is a club where the most loyal fans of the world are found and there is a sense of belongingness to the club which somehow no other club offers.

Arsenal is the most successful club in London, having 38 trophies and honours. The club Arsenal also has been undefeated through the 2003 – 04 season, being termed as ‘The Invincibles’ under manager Arsene Wenger. Arsenal, also have the third largest stadium, The Emirates stadium (Ashburton Grove, called Emirates due to sponsorship reasons) behind Wembley and Old Trafford.

Arsenal also has been qualifying for the Uefa Champions League since the past 16 years, a massive feat for a club which has been crippled financially because of loans and debts for making stadiums. This has been the reason why Arsenal has been forced to part with its star players. Since the players leave, it has been hard for Arsenal to win a trophy. Still we gunners have stood by the club and have watched it fight valiantly to qualify for the Champions League, a feat unmatched.

The manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, is a genius and a professor in football. His tactics and match preparation never get old, no matter even if they seem the same. With a shrewd and cunning man as Arsene Wenger, Arsenal have always been fighting for honours. Arsene Wenger is a loved figure among the Gunners and is respected by Rival Fans. Cheering for a club with such a manager is great, no its AWESOME!!

The club has been playing beautiful football with some excellent passing, some deft touches and some cracking finishing. Like take the goal of Wilshere against Norwich, or Podolski’s goal against West Ham last year, no club will offer such goals or such players who have price values half of other star studded clubs with rich sugar daddys. Arsenal is sitting on top of the table with some excellent performances by the team as a whole and some individuals too.

With players like Mesut Ozil, Oliver Giroud, Lukas Podolski and home grown talents like Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs and Walcott it is a treat to the eyes to see these wonderful players to come together and play breath taking football. Be it Santi Cazorla’s dribbling and smartness or Mesut’s vision and killer passes, the game played by Arsenal is usually fun to watch and the team’s never die spirit makes it “OOH TO BE A GUNNER.”

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