Wenger: We had to beat Bayern (VIDEO)

“I just know that we had an absolute necessity to win the game and we did it in an intense disciplined way and it was a top level game between two very good teams. Bayern had more possession than us but we decided to make it tight and catch them on the break.

“I think I said yesterday in the press conference that we were not at our level in the first two games because we always focus on the Premier League and tonight we needed our Premier league “mind”to beat Bayern.”

Pep Guardiola:
“I’m so proud tonight of my team. I like to win, I’m not happy but we play with a lot of courage. To come here, to take out the ball from the Arsenal players… I know that you cannot expect to come here and create chances and don’t concede any, so obviously Arsenal have very, very good players, fast players. But we were there and we shown that we were able to come here with a lot of personality and to play. But after that I can just say congratulations Arsenal on the victory.”

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