A terrible situation occurred at Euro 2016 Group D match between Czech Republic and Croatia. The Croats took the lead over Inter Milan’s attacker Ivan Perišić, Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitić increased the lead to 2-0, but the game was far from over!

First Škoda scored one for the Czech Republic and then the flare troubles have started. Croatia fans tried to cancel the game by throwing flares on the pitch. When all was settled down in the deep injury time Necid levels the score and the game ends 2-2.

So Why Croatia Fans interrupted the game with flares? Even though the flares were not thrown by Hajduk Split fans only, a good intro for all this would be to read our previous article with situation in Croatian football, when Hajduk Split rejected to play a derby game.

The reason for that is not an easy one, it’s rather complex one. Why would they tried to impact any damage to their representation? This is not the first time, similar thing happened before several time, lately in Italy and Croatia was hit with the ban of playing two World Cup 2018 qualification games on empty stands. So the short answer, they did not tried to impact damage to them, they’ve tried to make damage to the HNS leaders.

This was not the only thing on the stands as the fans fought among themselves during their the last minutes of the game. Clearly conflicts are there, and it would be interesting to see how UEFA will resolve this.

As we can see in Croatian’s forums and news sites, like Index, the reason for this is general dissatisfaction with the leaders of the Croatian football federation. For many years from behind it appears that Dinamo Zagreb’s boss Zdravko Mamic is the backbone of HNS (Croatian Football Federation) and that he’s using the same to place his players into the national team and to sell them for a bigger price.

Watch Czech Republic 2-2 Croatia Highlights

For an example many in Croatia are not happy with the current Croatia national coach, Ante Cacic for the same reason. Cacic was the main coach of football club named NK Lokomotiva, sister-club of Dinamo Zagreb who’s coach is Zoran Mamic, Zdravko Mamic’s brother. Those two teams are exchanging players a lot. Many believe that the owner of those two is the same, Zdravko Mamic. Problem is that both clubs are playing in the same competition, so the First Croatian National league, which is not acceptable anywhere in world.

A relationship between these two clubs, a few years back lighted the problem in Croatian football. Everything after that, was just an extra..

The current Eintracht Frankfurt manager, Niko Kovac was on the bench of Croatia at the start of Euro 2016 qualification and was there right until end. In that time, Ante Cacic get’s fired from NK Lokomotiva and a few months later appointed as the new boss of Croatian National team. Fans of course were not happy with it, as they thought that he doesn’t have the right experience and the resume for that job, and that the only reason for appointing him was Zdravko Mamic, who want’s to use him as a marionette. In the last pre Euro 2016 game, Cacic started the second half in the friendly match with even seven players from Dinamo Zagreb. For the final Euro 2016 list, Cacic included two players from Dinamo Zagreb and the fans think that they did not deserve the spot.

Many in Croatia think that HNS is corrupted and they want changes. Since the problem is active for many years now, and things did not changed, fans opted to use a bad way to try to change things, sending the wrong picture all over the world.

Another question remains to be asked, and that one is, what the French security was doing when so many fans managed to enter the stadium with so many flares?

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