Dutch expert at the helm of Manchester United has vented his anger on journalists over the recent rumours that his era with the Red Devils is over and regarding the arrival of Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford.

Louis van Gaal dramatically has left today’s press conference in protest of the recent media headlines, who already replaced him at Manchester United bench with the Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho. Dutchman is under enormous pressure after three consecutive defeats which have launched an avalanche of speculation that he could be fired already for Christmas, when on schedule are the matches against Stoke City and Chelsea.

Van Gaal’s fear is even greater, given that Mourinho is currently free coach, after getting fired at Stamford Bridge a few days ago. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger such media speculation already rated as a lack of respect, and on the question to (United’s manager) what he thought of that statement, the Dutchman has started an emotional monologue, after which he got up and left the press conference that lasted exactly four minutes and 58 seconds.

Well, who could blame him, right? We all know that the media just want to sell the newspaper and they don’t think about anything or anyone in the process. One minute the media are trying to oust Mourinho from Chelsea next week they a trying to have him installed as manager of Manchester United. Why? Again, to sell the newspaper!

Read LVG’s press statement:

“Has anybody in this room not a feeling to apologise to me?” Van Gaal said. “That’s what I am wondering.

“I think I was already sacked I have read. Or have been sacked. Or that my colleague [Jose Mourinho] was here already.

“What do you think that happens with my wife or with my kids? Or with my grandchildren? Or with the fans of Manchester United? Or with my friends? What do you think?

“They have called me, a lot of times, and also Arsene Wenger is saying something about that.

“Do you think I want to talk with the media now? I am here only because of the Premier League rules. I have to talk with you. But I can only see that when I talk to you that you put it in your context.”

Do you support Louis van Gaal’s treatment to the media?

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