Leicester City beat Chelsea on Monday night, leaving the champions on 16th place and putting more misery on Mourinho’s side. As usual, after any game, Mourinho has to pick someone to blame, and this time, that were his players, who according to him, were obviously not listening on pre match trainings.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says he still wants to stay at the club despite their 2-1 defeat at Leicester, which leaves them just one point above the Premier League relegation zone.

Leicester City v Chelsea Match Highlights

“I identify four movements where they score almost every of their goals. My players they got all that information in training in the last three days and you can ask them because they are honest guys and I know that they will tell you that what I am saying is true. In four type situations that I identified – we conceded the first and the second goal.
“No I don’t accept. I accept that we are in the relegation zone.

I don’t accept that we are in the relegation battle. The relegation zone is that we look to the table and you are there. That is something very obvious and something very simple and pragmatic. To be in the relegation zone is when you feel that you are going to be there one, two, three..four months and I didn’t believe.

“I think you know me well enough that I am not afraid of big challenges. In this moment is a real big challenge. In this moment I want to stay. I want to stay. I hope Mr Abramovic and the board they want me to stay – because I want to stay.”

On the other side, Claudio Ranieri praised his players and insisted that there’s no club who could buy his super attacking duo Vardy – Mahrez.

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