Not long ago, Real Madrid announced that they had sacked Rafa Benitez, and appointed Zinedine Zidane as their manager. The sacking itself wasn’t really a surprise, but replacement was. This post will explain to you why Zinedine Zidane is not the right manager for Real Madrid, yet!

When Real Madrid announced that a press conference will be held, reports quickly started surfing the net about the end of Benitez reign. Those reports proved to be correct, because after a little more than six months, Rafa Benitez was sacked as Real Madrid manager.

Frankly, it was sight of relief from Madrid faithful, because Benitez was highly unliked due to his »defensive« tactics. Benitez tactics were never going to work for Madrid, and there was just a question of time before he would get the sack.

Due to Benitez unpopularity, the sack itself wasn’t really surprising, but the replacement was Zinedine Zidane,  one of the legends of modern football. He has won everything as a football player, while also becoming one of the most known football personalities on the planet.

The thing is, Zidane achieved everything as a footballer, while nothing as a football manager. So far, Zidane has only managed Real Madrid Castilla team, and he hasn’t really managed them that well.

Zidane’s first training as Real Madrid coach

Sure people have already started comparing Zidane with Guardiola, but the fact is that they come from totally different situations. Barcelona has always (at least for the past 25 years) have the same tactic. At Barcelona, all you have to do is to keep the same tactic, and promote youngsters to the first team. The best manager for Barclona is basically from their youth set up.

Things are very different at Real Madrid. You have too win every trophy available, while also playing an attacking football. If one of those two things isn’t achieved, a manager gets the sack. This is why Real Madrid tend to sack a manager per year. Managing any kind of youth setup at Real Madrid is simply not important.

Zidane is basically a total enigma in terms of managing, and he has taken the most difficult position in management. A position that no other manager was able to hold for more than three years (for the past two decades).

Zidane would been an obvious choice if he would reach some incredible results at some other big club. As it stands, Zidane looks like a very poor choice for the club, a second poor choice in a row.

Real should have sticked with Benitez at least until the summer, before trying to replace him with someone else. They should have replaced him with someone more experianced. Someone that had a lot of past success, while also playing an attacking style of football.

This is quite similar to Gary Neville at Valencia. Both Zidane, and Neville are lacking managerial experiences, but have started their senior managerial career at the two most difficult positions in football. Chances are definitely against them, and they are probably going to fail (big time). The sad part here is that the results of this two jobs might hurt their future positions in management.

In a nutshell, Real Madrid have sacked the manager, which shouldn’t have been appointed in the first place, while replacing him with the manager that is simply not yet ready. The funny thing is that Real Madrid had the perfect manager in Carlo Ancelotti, but they sacked him because of their crazy expectations of winning trophies all the time. Real Madrid has again managed to defeat itself, while there are already celebrations at Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid.

Watch Zidane’s first press and expectations: “I want results and attacking football”.

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