Chelsea has just had one of the worst seasons in their history. They are currently sitting in 14th position and are in need of some serious signing to lift them up from their slumber. Chelsea have identified that player as Alexandre Pato, but he is not the »right« player, and this post is going to show you why is that so!

Pato has initially signed on loan from Corinthians, a club where he has (in a way) managed to revive his career. Before Corinthians, Pato played on loan for Sao Paolo, and before that he played five years for AC Milan. Although Pato was one of the better players at Milan, his constant injuries prevented him to leave a permanent mark on the club.

He left AC Milan through the back door in 2013 to sign for Corinthians. He played at Corinthians for just one season before he went on loan to Sao Paolo for two seasons.

Sao Paolo was the club where Pato has shown his best performances so far. He has managed to score 38 goals in two years, before returning to Corinthians. His form obviously sparked an interest from big clubs, but Chelsea was the only club who was concrete enough to sign him.

Pato’s biggest problem is not the lack of quality, but his inability to stay healthy in a physical demanding league. Pato had a lot of injuries when he was in Italian Serie A, and he is going to have a lot of injuries in Premier League.

Second biggest problem is that Pato won’t have a lot of time to prove his worth. He is going to have a strong competition with (in-form) Diego Costa, and he is going to play at one of the worst clubs in the league (in terms of form).

Pato has never played in Premier League before, so he is definitely going to need time to adopt to the league. It usually takes 6 months to adopt, and given that Pato has signed a six-month loan deal, odds are against him.

Chelsea have missed the boat with the signing of Pato. The player that could “fire” Chelsea into Champions League places, isn’t a Brazilian, but a Belgian. Romelu Lukaku is that player. Once owned by Chelsea, but sold to Everton, a club where he has “shined”.

It was obviously a mistake by Chelsea to let him go, but Chelsea is now doing a second mistake by not signing Lukaku again.

Lukaku would be perfect for Chelsea, because he is playing like a copy of Drogba at the moment. He would cost a lot of money, but he would be worth it. Unlike Pato, he doesn’t have a lot of injures, is used to Premier League, and he is in a crazy form. He has scored 15 goals in Premier League so far, and is only 22 years old.

To sum up, Alexandre Pato is going to be a “wrong” signing, because he is injury prone, he is going to need time to adjust to Premier League, and he is simply not a player that could lift Chelsea’s form. Chelsea should have signed Lukaku instead. He would be the perfect player for the club, Chelsea has already made one mistake regarding Lukaku, and as it seems, they have done another by not resigning him.

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