Champions arrived home. After many unsuccessful attempts with them finally come the Champions League trophy. The atmosphere on the streets of west London, was amazing throughout the day, but the forces were accumulated for the ceremonial parade.
“We have long waited for this, this was the most amazing night in our careers. We are happy that we returned home as champions to celebrate with our fans,” said Frank Lampard.

“You are fantastic, thank you, thank you!”

When the trophy came to the hands Di Matteo, decibels from the fans increased …

The bus on which was written “Champions of Europe” every little stoped, so players can shake the cup with the fans.

Interestingly, the first time in the history of the British capital welcomed the club champions of Europe! Although multi-million metropolis has several major league clubs, none of them ever been on the European throne.

Of course, on Sunday it was celebrated only in one part of town. The northern one, for example, lamented, as with the Chelsea´s title ,Tottenham lost his chance to play in the Champions League qualifiers.

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