A.C Milan CEO and Vice President Adriano Galliani shows his support for Mario Balotelli admiting that he’s not the one to blame for Italy performance at World Cup. Galliani also dismissed any talks of a possible move to Arsenal.

Ac Milan striker has been lately blamed by Italian reporters of even from his own teammates for Italy poor performance at Brazil.

Balotelli was the only Italian striker to score in this Competition. He scored the winning goal at the opening match vs England. But anyway he missed a golden chance vs Costa Rica and did put a very poor performance vs Uruguay.

Meanwhile Galliani thinks that all this is unfair and Balotelli deserves credits for his performance , as one of the best Italy performers in this campaign. Also He said that there are no talks with Arsenal.

“Balotelli will remain at Milan,” he told ANSA. “It does not sit well with me that it seems that the international team has lost because of Balotelli.

“Italy lost for many other reasons. Balotelli was the only striker who has scored a goal [at the World Cup, in a 2-1 win over England], while others have not had a shot on goal.

“I do not understand why you only talk about Balotelli. There was a coach, the technical staff and 22 other players: we have to talk about the collective.

“It seems now that the major disappointment was Balotelli.

“I do not understand this and do not want to really discuss it because I did not understand why the whole squad was not discussed.”

Balotelli joined Ac Milan at Janaury 2013 and he scored 34 goals in 50 apps.

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