Again Atletico Madrid and Radamel Falcao Garcia ; With a 3-0 victory against Athletic Bilbao, Atletico Madrid have won the Europa League!

Just like two years ago (beat Fulham in Hamburg) Atletico went to the end, a brilliant Colombian doubled his performance from the last year in the finals of this competition (2011. Scored the only goal in Portugal’s Porto – Brage finals in Dublin).

In the Spanish finals in Bucharest Athetic Bilabo was not even a shadow team that knocked out last season’s Champions League semi-finalists Manchester United and Schalke.

Marcel Bielsa players in the second half tried to get back in the game, but,with Llorente who totally was not in the mood (and well guarded) they have failed to score at least a goal which could spoil the Madrid´s celebration in Bucharest, which began long before Wolfgang Stark whistled for the last time.

Genius Falcao: In 29 games in Europa League he scored 30 goals

Therefore the other “red-white” nine was in great mood.Falcao was a astonishing, he fled a lot from Athletic defense,with his dribbling,and pullin on the wing … What is most important – he managed to score twice to Basques.

Bilbao was not shaken with this, but a perfect match opening and the increase of advantage before the end of the first half time, gave Atletico wings, which were full of self-confidence and dominated on the pitch.

Falcao on the excellent way rid of Amorebiete and with the left foot hit the opposite corner of the Basque net! The phenomenal hit, sixth Falcao´s goal in the last six games of Europa League, 28 in the last 29 games!

In the 34th minute another great move from Falcao – he got the ball at the centre of the box , spun two defenders and routinely placed the ball over Bilbao goalkeeper!

In the following Bilbao coach Bielsa with two changes at half time tried to change the course of things, but too barren looked his footballers. True, in the last 20 minutes of play,Bilbao practically squeezed Atletico Madrid in their penalty area,and have lots of opportunities (Ibai Gomez, De Marcos, Llorente), but Courtois net remained intact.

And then, in the 85th minute, Diego got the ball to one half of the Athletic, whose players in these moments were not care to much about defense. He escaped from the defenders, set up the ball on the left leg and hit the “small net” for the end of the story.

Europe league finals Highlights:
Atletico Madrid – Athletic Bilbao 3-0 (Falcao 7, 34, Diego 85)

Atletico Madrid celebration video

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