In one of the most exciting finals in the history of the Premier League, Manchester City won the first title in 44 years.

In front of the last round “citizens” had all in their hands: they should in front of their fans beat QPR and they would become champions after 44 years of waiting. But it went a lot harder than expected

Just an incredible game, we watched in Manchester. Many people Man City already a week ago declared as the new champion, but Mancini known they actually expect hard work to do so, especially as QPR was frantically fighting for survival.

So it was, the Rangers have organized a great bunker, and the City’s actions refused from QPR defense block attack to attack. When in the 22nd minute of the match came the news that Manchester United took the lead, there was no alternative, Host went to all or nothing.

In 39th minute, the crowd went wild when Zabaleta with beautiful goal brought to Mancini´s team the lead. It seemed that the matter was resolved, and there are few ,who in those times could imagine what kind of drama will follow in the second half.

However, below, already in the 48th minute Cisse equalized , and then the water is further moved to mill of City as it was for kicking Carlos Tevez in the 55th minute QPR captain’s Joey Barton sent off. Incidental player then completely lost his temper and struck out and Sergio Aguero on the way off the pitch.

However, when they were all waiting for new City leadership, QPR took the lead with ten players. Taiwo greatly pierced the left side, sent it to the far goal post where Mackie with his head scored and completely shocked Man City fans.

Etihad is hushed, and the fans were in disbelief as they watched how the championship title is sliping through their fingers. QPR players last half-hour spent in their own penalty area, not permitting any serious chance to host.

Highlights : Man. City – QPR 3-2 (Zabaleta 39, Džeko 90+1, Agüero 90+4 / Cisse 48, Mackie 66)

Dzeko and Aguero heroes of 44-year old dream

When the stadium announcer reported that Stoke equalized against Bolton, which in turn meant that QPR can stay in the Premiership and in case of defeat, the fans with the last forces gave support to the players.

But as time went on, the hope was diminishing. In 90th minute the English television commentator has began to sprinkle ashes on Mancini´s work, wondering how any City fan can wake up tomorrow morning and where he will find the strength to go to work, and then the stadium once again exploded.

After the corner was the highest Dzeko who scored five meters for 2:2. Euphoria is bathed Etihad, the national players rushed toward the goal and QPR. The rest is just three minutes of hope. Such an amount of euphoria could not restrain a result of all the winning goal in the 94th Euro Aguero minute. Almost the entire stadium fell to the grass and the great, unseen celebration could begin …

Like in some Hitchcock thriller movie..

After the corner the highest was Dzeko who scored from five meters for 2:2. Euphoria bathed Etihad, and the home players rushed toward the QPR goal. Three minutes of hope was left.

Such an amount of euphoria could not be restrained,and as the result of all is the winning goal of Aguero in the 94th minute. Almost the entire stadium dropped to the grass and the great, unseen celebration could begin ..

Highlights : Man. City – QPR 3-2 (Zabaleta 39, Džeko 90+1, Agüero 90+4 / Cisse 48, Mackie 66)

Full match video is available here

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